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Because we continually stay on the cutting edge of technology, equipping our practice with tools, we are able to give you  dental care of a higher quality, more natural and aesthetic and, at the same time,  a gentle and comfortable experience. We incorporate the latest technologies available in dentistry today, so that we can handle all of your treatment needs in one practice.


Our Technology Includes:

Guided Dental Implants

Guided Implant Dentistry makes it possible for us to place implants at exactly the right angle and depth in your jaw. With the use of 3D images, we are able to see the details needed to place high-quality implants. We see  every facet of your jaw  and are able to  determine the exact right location for the implant, as well as the shape and size that will fit best your mouth.

Digital x-rays

We use Digital X-rays to allow for a much more accurate diagnosis. Because this machine enables our patient to see the process also,  even the  small details  such as cavities beginning between the teeth, among others; we both know exactly what work needs to be done, which sets our patient  at ease. The Digital X-ray also has the added benefit  of less radiation than traditional x-ray machines.

Panoramic x-Rays

We are able to obtain a  broad overview of  your entire mouth, using this machine. We also use it to evaluate our patients with past or present TMJ or jaw joint problems, with removable dentures, dental implants, braces, impacted teeth or any recent trauma to the face or teeth.

DIAGNOdent-Early Detection of Decay

We are able to determine if decay is lurking beneath the seemingly healthy tooth surface, by using the DIAGNodent.  The DIAGNOdent is an  early detection of decay instrument  which sends a safe laser beam into the tooth and checks its health. We will receive a signal and an alarm when there  are signs of hidden decay. This technology allows to catch tooth decay at an earlier stage, before the tooth is destroyed from the inside out and helps to prevent more extensive  procedures.

Intra-oral  Camera

Imagine being able to see everything that is going on in your mouth? Well that is what the intraoral camera allows our staff  to do with your mouth. The camera is the size and shape of a dental mirror with a built-in light source and can zoom in up to 25 times magnification. The images are  then displayed on a television or computer monitor.

Ultrasonic Scalers

In our effort  to  effectively remove plaque, tartar and calculus from the surface of teeth, and deep clean the gums  we  use Piezo ultrasonic scalers. These emit high-frequency vibrations to break down the hard stains and buildup. They  also provide the added benefit of being adjustable to be more comfortable for patients with sensitive teeth.

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