After Periodontal Surgery – Information to aid in the recovery process

After Periodontal Surgery – Information to aid in the recovery process

Information to aid in the recovery process of Periodontal Surgery

Information and Instructions

Will I experience much pain after the anesthesia wears off? Will there be swelling?

There will be some pain and probably some swelling. This is normal. Before the anesthetic wears off, take a pain pill as recommended. Read carefully the prescription instructions. Immediately place an ice bag on your face in the area where the surgery was done. Keep the ice bag in place for ten minutes and then take it off for ten minutes. Repeat this sequence for two hours only. The ice bag helps to keep the swelling to a minimum. You may continue to use an ice bag, same technique, on subsequent days. It is normal to have swelling the second day, post-operatively.

What may I eat?

Soft food for one week. Nothing really hot- moderate temperature. No straws. No rinsing for the first 24 hours following surgery.

Should I brush my teeth?

Brush everywhere except where the periodontal dressing has been placed. Be careful not to dislodge the dressing. You may rinse your mouth gently with a mild mouthwash after 24 hours.

May I smoke?

Preferably not. At the very least reduce your smoking as much as possible.

What about exercise?

Avoid exercise for 1 week following surgery. On a hot day do not sit in the sun.

May I have A drink?

No drinking of alcoholic beverages for 24 hours following surgery.

How long should the periodontal dressing (pack) remain?

The pink material around your teeth is a surgical dressing. It acts like a bandage and helps protect the surgical area and it also promotes healing. The dressing is removed after approximately one week. At this time, the sutures are removed and a second dressing may be placed. Pieces of the dressing may chip off in four or five days. If this should happen and does not cause any particular discomfort it is not a problem. If you are quite uncomfortable you will have to come in to have a new dressing placed.

Will my gums bleed following dressing?

It is not unusual to have some light bleeding for 24 hours following periodontal surgery. You will probably notice some blood in your saliva during the first 24 hour period. If there is considerable bleeding, take a moistened tea bag and hold it on both sides of the dressing where you think the bleeding is coming from. Use a firm steady pressure for about 20 minutes. Do not keep taking the bag out of your mouth to examine it. Do not keep rinsing your mouth as this will result in persistent bleeding. If you find the bleeding is still troublesome after applying this steady pressure- call the office.

When may I resume normal and proper brushing?

Should the surgical dressing be displaced before the first post-operative visit, do not clean the surgical site because of the underlying sutures. Once the dressing has been removed, together with the sutures, resume your tooth brushing; flossing and Proxa brushing. Delay for another week the use of the rubber tip. It is normal when cleaning for slight bleeding to occur- ignore this. It is essential that your mouth be kept particularly clean during the first stages of healing. Sensitivity to extreme cold is not unusual. This will be addressed

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